No Judgment Zone…

So, how many of you have watched the movie “Heather’s” with Winona Ryder and Shannon Dougherty?

Or more recently, Mean Girls?

Same plot, different generations…high school girls in a click passing judgment on others…mostly other girls (some life themes things just don’t change over time). This was my life moment today, and let me be clear I have long passed my high school years, and as such I am out of practice for the tough skin.

I digress, today’s storyline was more mild in nature, but the feeling it left me with was very reminiscent of these movies’ characters. A group of co-workers have been pressuring me for months to join them in a local 5k run. They are avid runners (I am not), but I am super social and pretty laid back and almost always a say yes to hanging out and socializing, however I have been pretty non-committal to this since I am not a big runner per se.
Nonetheless, the race is this weekend and I was asked yet again if I would be joining them, and I finally said yes. So, here’s where we enter the JUDGMENT ZONE, and the waters get a little rocky.

So one of the girls asked me if I registered yet, and I simply replied no, I’ll likely just show up on Saturday and run…and then came the look…riddled with judgment, disappointment (no not quite that) just simple, straight forward judgment…that I would choose not to support the charity part of the race.

Here’s a little background, I am a fundraiser by career, have been for 10 years, and this conversation is with co-workers, also ALL FUNDRAISERS for a charity. Additionally, I am a philanthropist to my own charities of choice and volunteer.

Back to the JUDGMENT ZONE…

I made my case, I support different charities, this not being one of them and simply planned to run…that in itself would be a donation of my (way out of running shape) body, LOL…hoping to lighten the conversation and incite a giggle…

(long pause)

…nothing. No giggle, no smile, no response.

So you tell me, as I have found myself in an unexpected judgment zone, and it piques my interest that others have such a response to something like this. Chime in, tell me what your honest response is…


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