Cama cama cama cama chameleon

So you ever feel misaligned with who u are on the outside vs what’s in your head on the inside?  Perhaps you’re one way at work and then completely different at home? So my insides feel very artsy, very hippie, very Cali very go with the flow barefoot traveler who tries everything to enjoy the essence of people, cultures, embracing life as a whole. However, my outsides feel very structured very strategic, very goal oriented.  The trouble is reconciling my inwards and outwards, so to speak.  

Let’s take my wardrobe as a reflection of the difference ,  shall we? Here’s my typically work wardrobe look:


Very classic chic, lots of black, pearls, neutrals, think 1950s without the poofy skirts, very feminine business savvy look.

 …then here’s weekend me: 

 hair makeup dress.White cuffed skinnies. Imagelove this outfit

… a lot more relaxed, a lot funkier…alot edgier, alot sexier, alot different in every way.

So what to do, when the differences are so great, how are they reconcilled?  If co-workers who are not my personal friends see me outside work, I wonder if they’d recognize me?  Do they see the inside me or the outside me, despite my buttoned up wardrobe at work?  Do they see the creative, inner hippie, who likes to be different, just hidden under more conservative work wardrobe? Lol…maybe I’m not as tucked in as I think?

Is this true for everyone?  Does everyone have this dichotomy of insides and outsides…


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