2013 New Year, New Start, New Resolutions

The History Channel has this really interesting show Bet You Didn’t Know upcoming about our fast approaching New Year’s Holiday, which has piqued my interest about the origination of the New Year’s resolutions tradition.

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So, where indeed did this all start?  I mean, I get it, new start clean slate, and the opportunity to accomplish something different, sounds good to me.  So what do our resolutions say about us, and how many people actually fulfill or accomplish their resolutions?

In the U.S.A., the top resolutions are: drink less alcohol; eat healthier food; and get a better education.  For Aussies, a bit of the same, lose weight; get fit; quit smoking…and here’s an interesting one…travel more.

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And for our friends in the U.K., lose weight and learn something new top their charts this year. Let’s assume we all inherently, want to improve our health as most of these cited countries top lists ddemonstrate, are their cultures who, like the Aussies, aim for more interesting things…like travel?

So how can we make these ALOT more interesting?  C’mon we all just “survived” 12/21/2012…wasn’t that when the world was rumored to end. With that in mind, if 2013 was going to be our last year, how different would our New Year’s resolutions look and what would that say about us culturally?

I’d definelty …no doubt…no hesitation…want to travel more! Then maybe along the way, get pregnant…(maybe towards the end so I didnt have to cut much of the travel lol). Then spend more time with my family, especially my grandparents…

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How about you? What would your top 3 resolutions be for 2013 if was your last year and you didnt have to be practical at all?


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