These are a Few of My Favorite Things

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I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season filled with, of course, LOTS OF LOVE & LAUGHTER! What I hope you didn’t experience this year, was this moment…

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…We’ve all been there, in this exact moment, where your graciousness is challenged at its core!

What do you say to someone who has given you a gift, that’s …well…just missed the mark of what you like…by a long shot?! How do you show genuine graciousness in that moment, when all gratitude would be a lie, down to its core?

Well, for some of us, I’m sure this holiday presented that moment for you.  So maybe it wasn’t quite this dramatic, no pink bunny suits that mortify your very existence, but perhaps a special gift from a special someone that was given with all the very best intentions, with the solid expectation that you would love it, and well…quite simply – you don’t.

How, in that moment, do we express gratitude?  Is this an appropriate moment to …

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Are we honest with ourselves, our spouses, our friends or other gift givers about the gift? Is there any way to still be gracious and make adjustments to the gift?  Now, I’m not talking small things, from co-workers, or distant relatives, that a simple smile, perhaps a hug and a thank you will do.  I’m talking something from someone special and the expectation is clear that they can’t wait to see you wear it, or can’t wait to hear you share it with other people? What then?  

What is the balance between gracious gratitude and genuine appreciation for the effort and intentions, and making adjustments or giving feedback that would make the gift a good fit for both parties?  Is there any social grace in giving feedback, is it worth potentially bruising the gift givers feelings?

How have you handled these moments?


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