Holiday Spirit II

Why are the holiday so riddled with emotions for people? Why do we fight with the ones we love so much during these times, the times we should be treasuring the most? What’s the trigger…what’s the cause..what is it about human nature that brings both positive and negative together during the holidays?

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So I perhaps you’re a person whose emotions are easily stirred like I am…I cry at moments of joy and sadness alike.  I simply embrace my positive emotions and go with them.  However, for the most part, my negative emotions stay under wraps…I try to squash them, let things roll of my back.

As soon as the smell of Thanksgiving turkey is in the air, it seems the minds of family members,  both near and far, start anticipating the disputes…that are sure yet to come. 

To further my point here, take a look at what google’s search engine comes up with when I type in holiday psychology:

So, clearly its not just my family, so the question becomes, are we fulfilling our own prophecies or is there something innate in the holidays that creates friction and emotional discord amongst those who love eachother most?


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