Bruce Lee says “Flow like Water”…

bruce lle

Bruce Lee, an unlikely or unobvioud inspiration for women…was indeed just that for me.  One of his strongest lasting philosophies was to be fluid in life like water, thus honestly expressing yourself always.

The concept is to be present and fill each moment of your life like water fills the vessel in which it is poured…a cup, a bottle, a bowl, etc…women are asked / tasked / or most successful when we do the same.

Our greatest gift or talent and sometimes burden is simply being a woman…the creature built to endure almost anything, be almost anything, inspire almost anyone…frankly be all things to all people…villing each and every vessel (role) in our lives.

Daughter … daughterMother…



…Boss…working womanCo-worker


Women are built exactly as Bruce Lee described: to be like water ever flowing and filling every vessel…thus being truly honest in expressing ourselves.


That is the most honest expression of being a woman.



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