What does your fairy tale look like?

many faces of a woman

So, dont get me wrong…i love disney…cinderella, snow white, jasmine…the whole princess lot, but we’ve all thought  at some point this fairy tale storyline for women has skewed our perspective, right?

So the basic recap…princess is depressed, lonely, asleep, some which way in despair, intro prince, narrate rescue adventure, cut to kiss…wedding…Happily Ever After. The End.

So, for how many of us has that story played out with?  How many of us women were damsels in distress just waiting for their prince to come rescue them and live a life of happily ever after?  I feel like Julia Roberts asking Kit, in Pretty Woman, who does that happen for …Who?  By the way, that movie clearly follows the disney princess storyline, and is often cited as the modern day twist on the fairy tale. Forgive me, I digress.  So does it happen to anyone you know?  Have these fairytales skewed and screwed up our expectations of men and relationships?

disney princesses2

So riddle me this, why is there no storyline for the Princes in these stories?  Ever wonder why the story is based soley on the princess and nearly nothing on their male counterparts?  We learn endless detail about the backgrounds of our princesses i.e.their family, their friends(often talking animals) and what brougt them to their current damsel in distress circumstances, but barely the full names of our princes?  I never as a child paid much attention to these details of imbalance or lack of details about our prince. 

Could it be that there is not much storyline to tell about our princes?  Im not men bashing here, or even men minimizing…simply coming to learn that most men are relatively simple and that perhaps their storylines were absent for that exact reason…theres not much to tell.  Men are simple creatures, down to their core.  There is very little to figure out.  Its us women who are complicated, have levels of depth and emotions, who dream in vivid color and detail, with various layers to our person, which are ever changing and constantly being revealed or discovered.  Each woman,has the capacity to reinvent, rediscover and change herself, much like Cher and / or Madonna (lol).  Both of those celebrities have had more image makeovers and hair colors than anyone can keep count of, can you imagine the internal makeovers / discoveries that prompted those changes?!


So in watching our many princesses, is the fairytale accurate… a simple man meets a complicated woman, fall in love, the end…The complicated component of that relationship is the woman, the lead, who keeps the storyline interesting and has more costume (aka. life) changes that anyone can keep track of as she continually discovers and rediscovers her many layers?


Are we the complicated princesses like in the movies and our counterparts truly are those simple princes, simply there to rescue us, sing a song and be happy?


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