The rush of the rapids…

So relationships are like that of a river rapids adventure. You prepare yourself with proper attire, a life vest, helmet and equipment (paddles, raft, first aid kit, even sunscreen) & set out for a glorious adventure, fully anticipating both rough waters and smooth sailing. So how different is marriage or relationships in this way?


You show up for a relationship based at first on the pretty brochure and its picture perfect promises…an attractive person who has a number of appealing stats: physique, smile, stability, sense of humor, etc…and all you image is all that person has to offer and you sign up for the relationship adventure, which you are sure will provide you the best wonderful memories at every turn.

Then you hit you’re first big fight (aka you’re first rapid), and you naturally ask yourself “What am I doing in this kind of adventure?” Some even jump ship at that point to pursue other adventures. 


Marriage, or long term relationships however strap you in and you know this first rapid is just the beginning of perhaps many to come.  The hardest part is staying focused on your original goal…that of a wonderful adrenaline filled adventure, and that after your first few rapids, you get the hang of it.  You get the confidence & perhaps even the adrenaline of knowing you will indeed survive the next rapid, but may also feel a little easier about handling it.

So in our relationships, is it true that in fact thru each rapid (argument / blow out / fight) the couple who withstands it soes indeed get better at it?  Does indeed enjoy the smooth sail of the peaceful waters that much more?  If indeed you signed up for a river rapid adventure and thats what you get, should we honestly be terrified and doubtful about our survival at every rapid turn?



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