Holiday Spirit

cuo pf cocoa with love

What is it about the holidays that sends us into a frenzy of shopping, gift giving and festivities in such a concentrated timeframe?

Are these not gestures we should be making all year round? Doesn’t everyone enjoy a good sale…say in march AND December? Doesn’t everyone value the spirit of the season of donating and volunteering for those less fortunate then ourselves in July just as much?

So why are we prompted to do these things moreso now than any other month of the year? If you’ve noticed like I have in recent years the malls’ holiday decorations are going up earlier and earlier each year. I know this
year I saw a Christmas tree being put up BEFORE Halloween in a small shopping plaza…Halloween?!

Perhaps its greed on behalf of the stores to start the frenzy early, but couldn’t we take advantage of that ill willed greed idea and start all the other spirit of the season deeds early too…the volunteering, the food and clothing drives, the spreading good will to each other? For me, when i snag a good bargain sale in a store, that always puts me in a really great mood!

This year as the stores open up at all crazy hours and earlier and earlier for the season…let’s create new traditions that go with that early start…ways we can spread the spirit of the season early too…sharing LOTS OF LOVE N LAUGHTER.


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